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  • Hollywood, FL, USA
  • Full Time

Department: Restaurant

Accountable To: Food and Beverage Manager

FLSA: Non-Exempt

Primary Objective of Position
To provide guest satisfaction and memorable experiences to the guest.

Essential Functions:
- Delivery of food to the guests ensuring that it is delivered promptly and of the proper temperature.
- Clean and set tables to restaurant standards.
- Deposit dishes appropriately in the dishroom or specified area.
- Stock bussing stations.
- Clean stations, including sweeping floor using the tools provided.
- Emptying all trash containers regularly.
- Perform buffet set-up and refill if needed.
- Assist in Room Service if needed.
- Assist other restaurant personnel with tasks when necessary.


Regular attendance in conformance with the standards, which may be established from time to time, is essential to the successful performance of this position. Associates with irregular attendance will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Due to the cyclical nature of the hospitality industry, associates may be required to work varying schedules to reflect the business needs of the hotel. In addition, attendance at all scheduled training sessions and meeting is required.

Upon employment, all associates are required to fully comply with Trust rules and regulations for the safe and effective operation of the hotel facilities. Associates who violate hotel rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Teamwork Skills:

  • Be an enthusiastic, helpful and positive member of the team
  • Be professional, responsible and mature in conduct and behavior
  • Be understanding of, encouraging to and friendly with all co-workers
  • Be self-motivated and use time wisely
  • Maintain open line of communications with each department
  • Communicate pertinent information
  • Respond positively to new ideas
  • Openly accept critical/developmental feedback
  • Report to work on time
  • Give adequate notice if going to miss work
  • Be available to work a flexible schedule to include weekends and holidays
  • Maintain effective communication through the use of meetings, log books and bulletins
  • Be available to help other departments in emergency situations
  • Adhere to all work rules, procedures and policies established by the company including, but not limited to those contained in the associate handbook.

Specific Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace.
  • Must be able to read and write to facilitate the communication process.
  • Requires good communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Most tasks are performed in a team environment with the employee acting as a team player.
  • Must possess basic computational ability.
  • Must possess basic computer skills.

Safety and Security Skills:

  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area free of hazards
  • Be knowledgeable of policies regarding emergency procedures, lost and found items and security concerns
  • Adhere to all Health Department requirements

Asset Management Skills:

  • Operate and clean equipment properly
  • Be careful with hotel property
  • Promptly report all maintenance issues
  • If requested, assist in receiving and storing food and other deliveries

Physical Requirements
- Seeing
- Hearing – Ability to effectively take a guests order in person and over the phone
- Speaking – Ability to relay specials, menu items and ask questions to verify order
- Writing – Ability to write an order
- Typing – Ability to tap keys to complete point of service sale
- Math – Ability to make change and calculate ticket manually if necessary
- Walking/Standing up to 100% of the time
- Bending – Ability to move and control one's torso so items can be [picked up from a lower surface level
- Balancing – Ability to balance dishes (up to 40 pounds)
- Kneeling- Ability to flex legs at the knee so that individual can lower the body coming to rest on one or both knees
- Handling – ability to grasp, hold, set down, redirect with hands, turn , control and manipulate objects
- Reaching – Ability to stretch body and extend arms to place or secure objects at a distance above, to the side of or below the normal standing level of the individual
- Squatting – Ability to flex legs at the knees to lower body position
- Crawling – Ability to move about on hands and knees and/or feet by mobilizing those body parts
- Lifting – Ability to use body parts, arms, hands, shoulders and back, to elevate an object above its previous surface level. Ability to lift 40 pounds waist high and up to 30 pounds overhead.
- Climbing – Ability to ascend steps, ladders and other vertical and semi-vertical surfaces to reach a higher level
- Repetitive Motion – Ability to use body parts on a regular and continuing basis to repeat the same motions for a reasonable period of time without resting.
- Stooping – Ability to flex legs at the knees and move the upper body forward and down
- Normal verbal and nonverbal communication, reading, writing

All associates must maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance per Trust Standards. Must be in an appropriate uniform or dress in professional, business attire at all times.
This job description is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of all job functions that an associate in their position may be asked to perform from time to time.

Circ Hotel
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